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As many of you will know, there is a big push by those who control the internet, for all web pages to be encrypted.

We strongly agree with that philosophy.

However some older browsers and phones don't work well, or maybe won't even work at all, with https encryption.

This is because they don't recognise the modern encryption codes that were made after they were. Consequently some older browsers may put out warnings that an unecrypted site is not secure, or even refuse to connect at all.

If you have an older browser, you may have been automatically redirected here to try and avoid those issues. You will most likely get a very slightly faster browsing experience.

However if you would like to go to our encrypted site please click here to be redirected to

And whilst you are here, if you are still reading, we'd just like to gripe about what a scam it is that the whole world is being cajoled, bullied and tricked into getting these 'security certificates' from a small bunch of overseas monopolistic providers at $100 or more per pop per year, when in fact anyone can create their our own in 30 minutes or so.

For commercial certificates, the cost is $100 for and another $100 for without the www. and another $100 for every other 'subdomain' we want to register.

Self made encryption certificates are exactly the same. The data they encrypt is just as encrypted.

The only difference is that with the $100 certificate, the issuer verifies that this company is 'legit'.

Most likely they don't actually do anything. They just say 'its verified'. We paid them for it and the payment went through. So they are happy and will say anything. They certainly don't seem to look further. And how on earth can these companies, with names like 'go-daddy', or any other multi-national, private enterprises just like us, prescribe for themselves some form of devine right to issue the 'be all and end all' of verifications.

At least if the money went back to America so they could get some taxes and spend it on .... (you fill in the blanks). Oh well. I guess the Irish or the people of the Bahamas need money too.

But if we make and implement our own certificate, the end user will get a massively terrifying warning telling them not to go near our site, A warning that is so scary we nearly turned the computer off ! And we made our site ourselves!! Still it scared us.

Anyway, we thought the governmint was supposed to protect us from all this sort of stuff.

And we don't have twitter so we can only rant on our own website. Which is good, no one can rant back. Probably because no one reads it. (In fact we don't have the internet yet either. Just a phone and a fax machine. And don't start us on the NBN....grrrhhh. We could do a chapter by special request.)

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